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I have ALWAYS loved music and had a passion for the piano. Even when I was too young for lessons, I would run to the piano, after my older sister was finished with her practicing. I would sit there trying to mimic what she did. I wanted to do what my older sister was doing.

My formal training began,  when I was 6 years old. My formal training did not stop, until I reached the equivalence of a Masters Degree in Piano & Piano Performance. Even to this very day, I continue to educate myself. To me, there always seems to be more to learn. When someone told me I have a passion for learning. I replied, “I believe I have a passion for Piano, which requires me to learn.”

When I arrived in America, my Husband asked me,”What would you like to do here?” Without any hesitation, I replied,”Teach Piano”. There was no doubt I wanted to share my passion, here with others, just as I did in Russia.

I understand we all have different levels of talent, different levels of passion, and different characters. As a teacher, I ONLY want you to become THE BEST YOU CAN BE. We will always be striving for perfection, although we can never archive it. By striving to be better … you will play better and at a higher standard.

Again ... Welcome!

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