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I believe strongly that the best, deepest, and most lasting work is achieved with 2 lessons of 45 minutes each week.

If you are constrained by your budget or time, please consider taking a one hour lesson every week.

A weekly lesson of 30 minutes is the minimum I will teach. Anything less than this will not allow for satisfactory progress.

There are two types of payment. Monthly Tuition (paid in advance) and Point of Service (upon completion of the lesson).

Monthly Tuition and must be paid on or by the first scheduled lesson of each month, whereas a Point of Service payments are due after the completion of the lesson.  (Please see “Terms & Conditions /Canceling a lesson” for additional information.) Acceptable forms of payment are Cash or Personal Check. There will be a $20 charge added to all returned Checks.

Please be advised …. When paying Point of Service, your time slot is NOT guaranteed. Your lesson appointment time can be preempted by another student, who desires that time slot, if they will be paying Monthly Tuition in advance.

For Charter Schools …. I can arrange to for invoicing.

My current fees are:
$70.00 per hour for a 60 minute lesson.
$53.00 per hour for a 45 minute lesson
$35.00 per hour for a 30 minute lesson

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